The Tailoring Process

Bespoke tailoring – a meticulous tailoring process

Bespoke tailoring is an ancient art, one undimmed by the passing of the years. At Senszio, we keep alive the traditions of yesterday, but always with an eye on contemporary men’s styles. We’re always looking to improve the quality of our tailoring processes, so this information could be subject to change.

Cut and strike

  1. Your custom clothes measurements are sent to our cutter.
  2. Our cutter constructs and cuts a paper pattern – which we store for many years– consisting of five templates: three for the jacket (back, forepart, sleeve) and two for the trousers (topside for the leg front, underside for the leg back).
  3. Every pattern is unique to each customer’s measurements and in style (type of fit).
  4. We place the pattern on the fabric and it’s ‘striked’ (cut).

Craft and finish

From the cutter, the master tailor receives the pattern and the fabric. We also supply: The lining
The collar, canvas and Melton
Tropical syddo, white felt, and horsehair canvasses for front body panels
The buttons and button-hole twist.

  1. The presser smoothes the fabric.
  2. The tailor fine-stitches the three templates of the custom jacket and two trouser templates using hand-silk threads.
  3. The tailor finishes the shoulders by hand.
  4. The side seams, facings and pockets are machined securely in.
  5. The hand-padded body canvas and handmade shoulder pads are inserted.
  6. Finally, the suit is pressed and sent to our office for rigorous Quality Control.

Our tailoring process is one-of-a-kind supervised to the tiniest detail to make sure your hand-crafted quality Bespoke suits are distinct, sharp and noticed.

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